Sunday, September 20, 2009


It was only yesterday that you were my bright eyed baby boy. My first born... diving into the the world feet first and quite early, you let me know that you were ready for life's adventure. How can it be that we celebrated your eleventh birthday this weekend?

A bunch of buddies made their own pizzas and created their own sundaes. Featured these toppings, of course. The brownies that were the foundation of the sundae? Find them here. I've tried millions of recipes over the years, but these have been my constant favorite since junior high. Seems fitting to bake them for my son, now. The candle from my son's first birthday has been used for every family birthday (needing a one) since then. The photo below includes the pic from his baby carrot cake. How amazing to be blown out again one decade later by that same incredible boy.
Feeling weepy... in the best possible way. Pin It


  1. Happy birthday!!
    It's scary how children fast forward your life. In a good way ;o)

  2. Happy Birthday! Eleven is wonderful, hope we can get together soon.
    wendy and gabe

  3. What an adorable baby.
    Now a handsome young gentleman.
    Please give him my very best birthday wishes.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Don't worry Mama! There are many birthdays & milestones to come. But, you will always be Mama.

  5. Happy Birthday for your big boy child... Isn't that funny our eldest boys nearly share a birthday, ours is on the twentieth:

    Mine today! But our internet is up the spout and I can't post - much gnashing of teeth!!!

  6. happy birthday to your son! my oldest son is 11 as well. he's counting down the days until he's a teen, i'm trying to keep him a little boy. where does the time go?

  7. sounds like a great birthday, close to teens! that must be scary!

  8. Oh, happy birthday to your sweet boy. (I can call him that, can't I? Those baby cheeks! I'm sure he's very hip and savvy and cool now, too!)

  9. Happy, happy birthday to your big little guy. Hope he had a wonderful day.