Tuesday, March 17, 2009

almost time for...

SPRING! Are you ready?
This hidden fern locket was created by the ever-talented and lovely Melissa from tiny happy. It's helped me have faith in the return of green growing things.

And now I'm making my annual list of projects... it usually gets longer and longer as I get more and more ambitious. It's such an exciting time of year. All feels new and fresh. So here's the beginning:
-get the garden ready for planting (more lasagna method)
-prune the crab apple
-sew spring skirts and blouses (small and adult)
-wash all of the windows
-ready the bikes
-plant more poppies
-find a place to forage for fiddle heads
-get down to the lake to see what's washed up on the shore
-head to Sapsucker Woods to see how the Andy Goldsworthy installation fared over the winter
-make fresh linguini (not a spring thing, but on my list, nonetheless!)

What will you be running out to do now that the sun has returned?

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  1. And for me the shadows are growing long & the mornings fresh & crisp. The beauty of blog friends in places far away is that we can have it all.

  2. :)
    thank you for sowing the locket! i'm glad it's helping you to remember green things. i love your spring list- i must write one too!

  3. I {heart} your list, Maya ! For me, this spring will mean starting to get ready for our move in July. But I'll be enjoying the sun & all the beauties of Nature as much I'll be able to. And I love (like right now) to be able to air the house with the sun gently coming in ! :)
    The locket is soooo cute & so well done, it's lovely ! And fern ... aaaah fern. So much meaning into it, right ?
    xoxoxo Much love, my friend !

  4. Good to see Tiny Happy featured here. Melissa has some great projects. I can't wait to go on my daily walks once spring begins, and to get my potted tomatoes and herbs going.

  5. oh my word you are so amazing and ambitious!

    I enjoyed your list and need to make one myself!!

    oh and the locket is precious!

  6. going down to the lake to see what's washed ashore sounds absolutely perfect.

  7. Lovely locket! I am looking forward to picking up some new plants to pot on my front porch, grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, and just sitting down to read in the sunshine.

  8. I hadn't even thought about a spring list.
    clean the windows to let the sun in,
    plant flowers in the garden and keep the kids from digging.
    change the banner on one of my blogs
    got yardsaling!
    make a new fairy house in the garden.
    set up a little kids area in the garden with their own chairs and tables and perhaps a play tent.
    get all my paintings on Flickr
    visit buddy in Atlanta.
    start looking for grants.

    I hope Spring is a long season, because I've got a lot to do.

  9. I too am preparing to sew some spring blouses, dresses, skirts...my first venture into clothing for some time... Wish me luck!

  10. I can't believe you get to see something by Andy Goldsworthy in person! How wonderful! As for our list of ideas, the one thing we are ready to pursue the most is starting the kids' raised bed garden. I am also looking forward to just getting out in the yard and cutting things back and watching all of the green pop out all over.

  11. Eek! I haven't even completed my winter projects yet! I guess the first one the spring list is like yours, clear out the flower beds of fall stuff that stuck around. And it seems that the weeds are already flourishing under our big black walnut and chestnut trees, so that big area needs to be cleared out and mulched. A big project would be putting up a deer fence so that we can grow a pizza garden this year. Anything to keep me outside is a good thing this time of year! My word verification is "gardeneg"!

  12. I just love being able to get outside more , enjoying nature
    lisa x

  13. Do you want my daydream list or my practical list? Oh, who am I kidding, I don't have time to write my whole daydream list! Spring cleaning is on the top. The kids are going to grandparents' for the weekend (I hope) and Hubs and I will be taking everything out of the main level, cleaning and putting it back in. Well, that's the plan anyway, it's just 3 rooms.

  14. Dressing up the front of my house. It needs some help! Oh and taking long walks along the lake nearby with my kids!

  15. Haven't thought about a spring specific list (other then get outside more!) but currently on my list:
    bake bread, sew small bags, scrapbook last summer's trip, finish knitting my wrist warmers, play with my chiyogami, blog more...
    Good news is I just checked off:
    try Maya's currant biscuit recipe! Delicious.

  16. I almost bought that locket myself and then settled on the needle book with the embroidered ferns instead.