Friday, April 25, 2008


These huge floor cushions have been hanging out in my studio for almost two months. I made them for Mama Goose's new location and they will be leaving my home very soon. Photo shoot time! The fabric is this really beautiful green that is not being done justice in the inside pictures. It came from a locally owned fabric outlet, Jolee's, that carries upholstering fabric samples and end bolts. I had always envisioned them with a handle, but was scared to do that last step. Sometimes when I complete something, and am happy with it, I get an attitude of "don't mess with it, you'll jinx it"...well, today I messed with it! I had made the strip for the handle weeks ago, and it remained (somewhat forlorn looking) draped over my sewing chair until this morning. I added the handles and took the pillows out and about for a photo shoot. The handles are amazing!! I can carry all four of these huge (2x2 ft.) cushions with one hand. I love the handles. They would be so great in a playroom or wherever you feel like carrying them.

Doesn't this look like an inviting reading nook?

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  1. I think Mama Goose is going to have to be VERY careful, cuz every momma in Ithaca (me included) is going to want to tote those cushions home with them. And not for their kids, either!

    Congratulations on another fabulous project completed! The fabric rocks!

  2. Thanks! I'm wondering if I should take this idea to my growing Etsy book of ideas. My store is stocked in my mind even if it's empty and unannounced, thus far.

  3. Hi Maya
    could you give some deets on how you made these - am making a whole bunch of floor cushion slip covers for kids school - and this method looks ideal - better than trying to make box cushions.