Monday, April 9, 2012

the sweet stuff

Another bunny breakfast shot.
It was a bunny filled weekend, that's for sure! Some were made of fruit, two were knit by Laura, several were fingerprinted, and every last little bunny that could be found was gathered up on Saturday night to await for the arrival of jelly beans that were tucked in paws or in between ears.
Yesterday's treats
And a few were taken outside while we did our work- because pockets full of bunnies and treats make the  act of  hammering and picking bouquets that much more magical than they already are.
My helper
Our wild narcissus
Hope your weekend was filled with the sweet stuff, too!
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  1. That fruit plate is so sweet! Nice pics, seems like you´ve had a great time. :-)

  2. Love the images, especially the onee of the orange bunny with its interplay of light and shadow! Your whole weekend looks like one sweet celebration.

  3. Our weekend was also filled with sweets, a bit of work and some Maya spring baskets :) I just linked to your tutorial in my post today. Your fruit bunny looks like one to try for next year - or maybe even tomorrow!