Friday, April 10, 2009

guest post: Grandma Bunny

Since I'm away, I asked Grandma Bunny to share a bit about my childhood Easter tradition.

Grandma Bunny: This tradition encompasses one of my favorite beliefs: less is more. Instead of filling up an Easter basket with lots and lots of candy and treats, Maya's basket was filled with a spring book and a few small toys. The night before Easter, she would line up all of her toy bunnies by the side of her bed. In the morning each bunny would have a tiny treat in its paws or right next to it. Each little jelly bean felt like a special gift. Magically ten jelly beans felt like so much more. She has continued this tradition with her own family and has discovered some wonderful alternatives to the typical candy of the season. My personal favorite is the yogurt covered almond. Each one looks like a perfect egg... and they're just my size!

Also available at many health food stores are organic Jolly Beans colored with vegetable juices. Maya hides chocolate Earth Balls around the house, as well as colored eggs for a fun twist on the usual hunt.

On behalf of bunnies everywhere, hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Pin It


  1. Aww, so sweet! We get the kids (3) each 2 or 3 new books, a pretty kite for their collections, a chocolate bunny, and a small toy (for instance, a small Lego set or jump rope, etc.). We put all of our focus on spending time together celebrating all of the new hope and growth of the season and playing games and making some yummy foods. Happy Easter!!

  2. What a wonderful tradition to pass along. This is the first Easter that Sweetpea really understands what going on and we're doing some similar things.



  4. I was so happy to meet your acquaintance last weekend Grandma Bunny. You are even more special up close and personal.In my family the special bunnies of the household get new clothes or a new easter bonnet . These things are always hand made. We almost always have a little easter egg hunt outdoors even in the most unusual weather conditions. We spend the day together hiking , sharing a delicious meal and eating chocolate of course. Happy Easter/ Passover grandma bunny.

  5. So impressed with that tradition and I love the Earth Balls! Happy Easter!

  6. What a great idea. One bunny, on small egg...

  7. Oh Grandma Bunny, could you please talk to the Easter Bunny of Adirondacks. You see...he gets into my yarn and hops through the whole house with it, it becomes almost a trap. Pajama Girl thinks it is funny as she takes her end of the yarn and begins to roll it up...along the way she finds what has fallen from the Easter Bunny's basket while he was busy creating mischeif. I have run out of places to hide my yarn!

  8. What a cute tradition! I also love that the Easter bunny gets into Karen's yarn! He seems to just get into the fridge and eat our carrots and leaves us candy to rott our teeth. naughty bunny. But he also gives the bunnies he gave my girls their first Easters, new ribbons and wooden food. :)

  9. I love your less is more concept.
    I bet your kids will always remember this and pass it down as tradition to their own children some day.
    Happy Easter.
    Grandmas are so smart.
    tee hee

  10. Good morning Grandma Bunny ! What a pleasure to see you again on Maya's blog ! :) I couldn't agree more with you about less is more, if only my parents and inlaws could think the same ... I hope you'll have a fun time with Maya & her sweet ones this Easter weekend ! Please take good care ! oxox

  11. This is a wonderful idea.

  12. My Whole Foods stopped carrying those earth balls - I was sad. I used to wrap two balls (one each) in light green tissue paper, then set the two of them in a rectangle of dark green tissue paper and twist the ends up around them - peas in a pod! I wanted to do it for easter, but couldn't find anything like them.

  13. What a beautiful tradition. I love how you found a way to embrace simplicity and celebrate so whole-heartedly.

  14. Yes! Hooray for small treats at Easter. I was afraid of a big chocolate storm this Easter but delighted to find some incredibly small (almost jelly bean sized!) chocolate eggs that I know will delight my little guy no end. Such a joy to watch children egg hunting - definitely one of my favourite childhood memories!

    Happy spring!

  15. What a sweet story! I love those earth balls! :) Happy Easter!

  16. I can only say how great this is !

    over here in France we have what we call "chocolate hunting" = parents hide chocolates everywhere in the yard or house, and children enjoy going on this easter hunt.
    Instead of buying LOTS of nasty cheap stuff, I prefer to buy less but good quality chocolates for our daughter (so that she can still have fun) and mix them with a few little gifts like books, or this year I bought something nice on etsy.
    By the way congratulations for being on the CL May issue :)
    happy Easter !
    (ps : I came across your blog through my friend "cozy homemaking" blog)

  17. Grandma Bunny, you are so wise. Thank you for sharing another beautiful family tradition.

  18. grandma bunny, it is always nice to see what different traditions others have. we always have a treasure hunt for our baskets, something my parents did with me and finish with an egg hunt.

    maya congrats on the cl may issue, i can't wait to read it.

  19. I love the Bunny, she is so sweet! I just added you to my Yahoo page because everytime I get to your postings to late for your burlap sacks! It is ok now I am on the look out! I picked up a copy of the Country Living you were in! I think that is an Awesome thing to be recognized for you r work! Keep it up you are very inspiring!
    I really like your Blog!

  20. that's so true - the smallest of things are often the best. happy easter to you and your family, maya. :)

  21. Oh, Grandma Bunny, I have missed you! It's lovely to see you dressed in your vintage clothes and holding that sweet little egg. I would love to hear some of your stories in future guest posts.

    Unfortunately we embraced the concept of "more is more" for Easter and are feeling the consequences of it this week!

  22. so nice to meet you grandma bunny!
    it sounds like you had a lovely weekend..with nice fresh new green grass to nibble on too..isn't it wonderful?!
    i love what you're saying about simplicity..and completely agree..
    aren't the chocolate worlds the best?
    hugs and happy easter and spring!



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