Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The winds whipped up last night, shaking the windows and howling out as they circled around the house. At dawn, the world seemed to be swept clean as I headed off to yoga. My teacher spoke of the importance of having an anchor when a storm blows in. It's a message I know well, but I smiled sheepishly from my mat because I'm always grateful for a little kick in the pants reminder. You see, February is typically my challenging month.  It's been a little more than four years since my life turned upside down- I truly feel wonderful most days, but these deep wounds are always tender at anniversaries, don't you think?  I chose to slow down internet-wise for a little while to allow for some quiet. And some yoga. And breathing. And smoothies. And making stuff. All of my favorites.
I didn't even realize I was anchoring when the winds began to blow a few weeks ago...  I just do so naturally and automatically now. This is a direct result of having a tool kit for survival at the ready. 

I'm amazed that Hope, Make, Heal continues to be my very own guidebook, and I so hope it helps some of you. There are three crafts up on the Well and Good site directly from the pages that might just be the something you could use right now, including the instructions for making the Survival Satchel below that I love so much!
So happy to March forward with you... into the wind we go!

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