Tuesday, January 12, 2016


It's been said by many that the energy in the room was wonderful at the Hope Make Heal launch at Buffalo Street Books. It was a very receptive crowd, who not only were so supportive of me personally, but also were clearly happy to take a copy of the book home with them... either for their own use or for a friend. Here were my opening lines before I read excerpts from several of the chapters:

"Welcome and thank you for coming to celebrate with me today. My first book, Reinvention, was published at the beginning of 2012. It was not a time for celebrating. At the exact moment that it was coming off the press, I was reeling from the unexpected and very sudden loss of my 16 year marriage. The last four years have been a wild ride filled with hope that I would survive the pain, the making of a new life for my children and myself, and then the healing of the places that had been broken. That grieving and rebuilding process evolved along side this second book that I hold in my hands today. Hope, Make, Heal was published exactly 10 days ago and I couldn’t be happier and more ready to share it with all of you... to celebrate!"
I  introduced my dear friend Ellen Abrams (sadly not pictured here- send me pics if you have them friends), who contributed the meditations to each section. Ellen is a local therapist who also leads Mindfulness Meditation groups for people who have experienced trauma. I was attending it during the writing process of the book and knew it was an important component to include. She led a beautiful meditation and then there were paper feathers offered for writing intentions on. Templates for six of my feather prints are located in the back of the book for using in various projects!
Then it was on to signing... Buffalo sold out, but have let me know that more copies will be arriving this week.

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  1. Congratulations! Well-deserved success!
    This book is so needed in this world. Thank you!

  2. Oh, so happy for you and that you are in such a good place now. Those rough times teach us hard lessons and bring us out on the other side, ready to celebrate our new lives! I think of you so often and I'm sending lots of love and good wishes now!

  3. What a fabulous event it was! My friend and I attended this book launch party together. It was among the most enjoyable party we ever attended. Next month I am going to visit an event space NYC to attend upcoming cultural event there.