Monday, December 7, 2015

felt sew good

I have not had much time these days for my own creative pursuits, but have have felt so fulfilled helping the girls in my sewing classes create wonderful holiday items both by hand and by machine. I was surprised yesterday when I was handed a slew of fabulous felt ornaments after they had gotten together for a sewing date without me. Watching their evolution and total joy as they create things on their own has been one of the best things ever! Pretty impressive pajamas, mittens and pouches have been accomplished, but I must admit that their favorite time is spent whipping up felty stuffed things without any patterns. And so these ornaments (and one personalized pillow) are my favorites too!
I might be partial to this pom pom adorned "mama" one- but who could blame me. The  little "Marry Christmas" one also stole my heart. The maker is so smitten with her new machine and it's embroidering capabilities, but was crushed when she realized her typo. She was quickly persuaded to give it anyways... that I would still love it. Good advice- I love it even more!
No matter your sewing skill level- felt is always a winner!

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  1. Agreed, sometimes its not just about how good it is being made, its about the feelings that the creator want to express.

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