Thursday, December 17, 2015

A little one

I  adore our hodgepodge of mismatched and handmade Christmas ornaments,  but I equally enjoyed it with only lights- and have been missing that simplicity. I've made a plan for next year. We will have TWO trees! There will be an addition of a smaller one with only lights and this felt garland I made a while back. It was never long enough to cover our typical 7ft tall tree, but would work perfectly on a tiny one. Our collection of Swedish straw stars are my favorites, but usually only go on at the very last to fill any empty spots.  On my little tree these will be the only ornaments with the garland. I think I can wait a whole year... But wouldn't be surprised if I slipped out to the woods to find a mini...

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  1. simplicity, even in christmas trees, is good.

  2. I adore your garland. I think I need to make one.