Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sew Green field trip

 This week's stitchers have all been with me for numerous summers. They each now have their own  machines and all are quite passionate about sewing. Taking our annual field trip to Sew Green was high on all of our priority lists.  I love how my eager young crew is always welcomed in with enthusiasm. They carry and wear in bags, purses, and clothing they've made in past years and are always so proud when asked about them. All of their purchases were tidily bundled in a fabric scrap- just tempting them to do a happy balancing act as we left, ready to grab our thread and get to work.
But wait! We forgot about the stuff a sack bins- we almost missed the opportunity for foraging for fabric treasures in odd sizes and assortments. So much fun! If you're ever in Ithaca you must visit  Sew Green.
 Sew Good!

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