Wednesday, June 10, 2015

squam- with her!

What a special weekend with my sweet girl! Seeing Squam through the eyes of a 10 year old was awesome! She's a phenomenal traveling partner and quite the little social butterfly! Oh my, did she LOVE being surrounded by doting creatives by the lake. We spent the day walking my favorite paths, docking hopping alone and with friends, and exploring favorite classrooms.
Then it was time to set up… and get ready for the wonderful women waiting in the woods. Apparently, they were excited for rope baskets (among other things!).
Lots and lots of baskets went to new homes! The fair was fast and fun and filled with some of my favorite people!  Only had time for a few shots… but these three are golden.
em falconbridge

cal patch

And now… guess what I'm doing? Sewing more baskets! So many requests- the best kind of problem ever! They should start appearing in my shop today and tomorrow… I'll just keep listing them as they come off the machine.

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