Thursday, May 28, 2015

sky scarves

 Some of my indigo dyed linen called to be scarves… 
Two kinds:
-long strips of sky and clouds to wrap around or
 -circles to create an infinity of the wide blue yonder
The infinity has a french seam and intentionally frayed edges. The standard has hemmed sides and frayed ends. Both so pretty that they are being snatched up before they even make it to their destination next week at Squam. Yikes! I just ordered more indigo and am hunting down some linen so that I can repeat this delicious process for mid June in my shop. 

The the bridal wreath spirea bush bloomed as always during this last week in May. I forgive it for the few years that it plagued me as the reminder of my former wedding anniversary. It's gorgeous- so glad that I didn't chop it down when I wanted to. Now- it's just another beautiful component of my garden and a lovely backdrop for scarves. It was resilient after our hard winter and seems stronger than ever- just like me! We are all so much like a garden… something my yoga teacher is focusing on this week. We are filled with as much beauty as we cultivate. Without tending, weeding and caring for ourselves we all know what happens. So here's to creating our own beautiful inner and outer landscapes… and wearing the sky, of course!

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  1. Are you going to tell us how you made these. ? So cute