Tuesday, April 7, 2015

rope vessels

 My latest bucket love… or are they baskets, maybe even bowls? Whatever you want to call them- I'm head over heels for sewing with rope!
 Gorgeous. Sturdy. Totally useful. I'm hooked!
 Here's some perspective on its size… substantial for sure. I have lots of plans for experimentation. I tried it with jute garden twine.
Thin and delicate… but I'm thinking something thicker in both cotton and jute is the direction I'll take next.
Head over heels, I tell you!  Now, off to the hardware store for some more supplies!

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  1. I love making these as well, though I've only ever made them while wrapping them in fabric strips. Naked ones are lovely, too, though! I hadn't thought about that yet.

  2. I love sewing rope baskets, too. I've even dyed the rope beforehand and that turned out great. I've made a few that were plain rope except for the top inch or so which was colorful fabric twine. The possibilities are pretty much endless!

  3. These look REALLY fun!
    Happy Spring!
    ~ joey ~

  4. Maya, these are such fun. I can feel your giddiness from here! Look forward to seeing more of your creativeness.

  5. I am sorry if this is a duplicate comment, but mine seems to have evaporated as I hit publish. Ack!

    Have you seen these from Antro? http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/shopsale-home/34195354.jsp#/ They have decorated insides. !!! You could paint them or embroider with contrasting colors so that it shows both inside and out (trying out string or other nonstandard embroidery materials). You could stitch down fabric scraps with white thread so they're invisible on the outside. Oh man, with a giant needle, you could blanket stitch around the tops with twine or yarn or something. Dude. So many possibilities.