Thursday, April 23, 2015


I was so thrilled with the love and enthusiasm that poured out over the web about my new book earlier this week. Thank you!

And now, of course- back to rope! I had to pull myself away from my YELLOW project to stitch up a birthday basket for one of my favorite 10 year olds. I've been contemplating freezer paper stenciling on rope for a few weeks. I first experimented on a sampler ( a spiral disk) and decided that it had potential, but wasn't quite right yet, nor predictable.
 Freezer paper on the flat bottom interior of a basket/bowl was easier than on a curve. All of the wrinkling compelled me to peel it off before I flubbed up a handmade birthday present.  Let me know if you are braver and give freezer paper a try. In the meantime- I opted for tiny dots with a pencil eraser which turned out quite sweetly.
 And that sampler? It can be tossed in your picnic "basket" for your next outdoor gathering. They make AWESOME  frisbees!
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  1. Wonderful work. Could you tell me how you made that bag? Have been making the bowls fun easy and fast. But cannot figure out how you did this bag. Once you start up the side how can you increase the width again? Thanks.

  2. I bought rope today! I am so excited to try this out!