Monday, April 6, 2015

eggs and baskets

Good morning, belated welcome to April and happy Monday to you! So happy to return to routine and rhythm after a very full spring break with busy kids and quite a few of their friends, as well. We were ecstatic to see all of the snow melt away.
And dealt patiently when it returned.
We ate a lot of good food, took a mini road trip, played a lot and made a lot. Our week culminated with all kinds of eggs… fresh, decorated and chocolate ones, too!
On Easter Eve, I decided it was time for a few new baskets. How come my best creative moments are always at midnight the night before something? So there I was... stitching cotton laundry cord into the wee hours- completely enthralled! I made a total of 4 baskets. Two minis, a medium (filled with eggs above) and a large. 
Creative Bug has a great workshop by Nicole Blum on how to make rope baskets right here. But I must admit, I haven't watched more than the intro yet and just winged it- something I think Nicole would totally relate too, as an artist who also loves to improvise! But for many, careful instructions makes producing something new much less stressful- so go check it out! Since I made these up as I went along, they kept improving, and I got more inspired with each new basket. This spiral sewing is addictive beyond belief. 
 More pics tomorrow!

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  1. I found your blog through Amanda's link. So glad she shared you with us!

    I hadn't seen rope baskets until this evening and so I'm certain I need several. Eggs, fresh vegetables, flowers - I can think of a long list of things I'll use them for. Is that a May basket? Very cute.

  2. Maya, you have chickens! May I ask how long it took before you got eggs? We have borrowed three hens from some friends for the the summer. They've been with us 2 1/2 weeks now, but were not getting any eggs. Also, I made my first rope basket this morning. Thanks for inspiring me with the beautiful ones you've been making.