Thursday, March 26, 2015

yoga, bags and blogiversaries

The significant adults in my daughter's world all do yoga. She was inspired by our many conversations about how transformative it has been for us- and decided to join in.
Of course, yoga is  a wonderful tool for any age and gender, but I believe that tween girls in our culture can especially gain so much from learning how to tune into their bodies and minds in a non judgmental way. After several months, she's hooked. And will even get up in the morning and do a few poses if there's a mat open and waiting for her. 
And so I've assisted in making three yoga mat bags for my new little yogi and her two friends who all take a weekly yoga class for 9-12 year olds.

The key to making a bag that works for this age (or anyone not wanting struggle!) is to make it roomy enough for a loosely rolled mat. Who needs the challenge of stuffing a mat into a tiny package at the end of an expansive hour? These bags also have a drawstring that cinches into the handles to eliminate tying and fussing.
The girls each selected fabric from a stash of batiks my mother had brought back from a trip to Bali many years ago. These fabrics have been tucked into a back corner of my studio for so long, it's been fun to see them being put to use again.

One of the first times those batiks made an appearance on this blog was 7 years ago in my first month of posting (right here). Look at that little 3 year old munchkin! Oh my!

 In fact, it's  been seven full years this week since I began maya*made! Can't believe how fast it's flown. Life keeps evolving. Children keep growing. Time does not stop. But this online home records frozen moments of beauty and discovery that I find so sweet to revisit. It's also been a steady landing spot for me during this journey, and I'm super grateful for all of you who have joined me along the way! Thank you!!!

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  1. Such a beautiful girl Maya and I love that she has joined the yoga lovers of the world. I hit the mat every morning and it makes my day go so much better.
    Happy blogging anniversary, seven years, that's wonderful.

    1. Thank you Tracey! I have become so aware of the difference between the days I've been on my mat and the days that "get away".

  2. Yoga helped me stay connected to my tween and toddler while having a hard time with myself. We all love it and seeing my 2year old copying us is just a great laugh :-).

    1. Yoga is such a beautiful bridge and way to connect to ourselves and the ones we love. Toddler yoga is the sweetest!

  3. I love this! Yoga is fun and makes us feel good all over! Your daughter is blessed to be getting into it at a young age. The yoga mat bags are great. Lucky yogis.

    My little grandgirls love to try the poses. They ask me, "Grammy, can you show me an 'exercise.'" I gladly oblige them.

  4. Really nice blog written by you, and this cute girl is looking so perfect and I am sure she can learn great yoga skills in such young age. Well dear I always do yoga with help of Thousand Oaks Yoga videos at my home only, and I am really losing weight.