Wednesday, March 11, 2015

calling in spring

The steady drip of snow melting off rooftops has joined the chorus of birds singing their return. While  still buried, we are aching for color and I think my daughter has come up with a solution. She and her friends have discovered how much fun it is to create earrings with beads and headpins- and have been on a making frenzy. I believe all of the bright and sparkly supplies are extra enticing while the world is still white. 
A display space for all of her creations was needed, so out came another embroidery hoop. She picked out happy spring fabric and got to work organizing.
 This hoop of baubles sings "happy spring!" doesn't it?
The sun is returning to us for sure!

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  1. So lovely. The hoop is a wonderful idea. Do you have a favorite tutorial for beginning jewelry making with kids? Would really like to do this with my eight year old daughter and soon!

    1. My daughter was taught by her friends… I'll ask if they'd all like to do a tutorial for maya*made!

    2. That would be wonderful! Would love that!

  2. Your daughter's creativity does not fall far from The Tree.
    The snow still looks deep there.