Tuesday, February 3, 2015

happily free

My friend Karen just finished her collage a day challenge with all of the proceeds going to her Regional Food Pantry. You can read how she came up with this wonderful idea here. It's simple and inspiring. I loved peeking in on all of the collages as they rolled in. Each one was totally unique. And this one, above… well, it had my name on it. Or rather the idea behind this year's favorite word (release). So I snapped it up and have been searching for a place to display it.

Hmmmm….  I think right here above the southern window in my studio with some other bird friends… yep, that's the spot.

And now I'm certain that this month's Bliss Art Day must be all about collage. And I'm tempted to move the date up to today!

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  1. Hello. I was awestruck to see your embroidery hoops. I just inherited a boxful of lace doilies from my great grandmother. I wanted to display them in embroidery hoops, but was dreading stitching them to fabric backing. How did you display yours? Is there anything around the inside of the hoop to keep them from slipping? Please let me know....

    1. My doily wall keeps growing! I wrote about it's beginnings here:

      There are some other ideas in that post too. But doilies in hoops is my favorite. Double sided tape is the answer. Have fun!

  2. YAY!! Thank you for the shout out! Every day should be happily free... as well as a Bliss Art day in my opinion :) So glad this little lovely made it safely to you and thank you as well for your support in my mini mission