Tuesday, February 24, 2015


During last week I had so many wonderful kids hanging out with me.  One of them was a tremendous organizer, who couldn't begin sewing until she had put some order to my various pins, scattered in different bowls and assorted pin cushions. She found satisfaction in sorting by color and type. Order, pattern and details… she has an eye for the macro world. Her focus inspired me to think about perspective. And to reach for my new macro "toy" for my iPhone from photojo*.
It's a little lens attached to an elastic band that slips over any phone camera lens. Super simple and portable. And fun!
Trying to zoom in on the details of this feather with just my phone gave me this blurred mess:
With my new lens- there was this:
And even a soft dreamy close up:
 The quality doesn't compare to my Canon… but it's pretty impressive for a "rubber band". It's been fascinating looking up close and personal at the details around me, so I've been wearing it on my wrist for just those moments. It's fun and user-friendly for kids too, as you can imagine.

*I'm not affiliated with photojojo- just like sharing when I enjoy something!

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  1. How neat! I may just need one of those :o)

  2. Hi sweet Maya, So fun! Love it! Think I know who the macro-organizer may be :) I'm going to order one of those tonight!!

  3. I think I may need to pick up one of those. Looks like fun.

  4. Ooooo, this looks like a fun tool. I like the simplicity of it.
    I'm glad you shared it with us.