Monday, November 10, 2014

foxy friends

Last week I got the call from Quilter's Corner that my sewing machine was ready to be picked up after a much needed servicing. It's always a happy reunion when I've been separated from my favorite machine (a Pfaff classic). My daughter accompanied me. She has the same response to fabric stores that all sewers have... excitement, inspiration, and a desire for just one (or two) more bits of fabric. However, she often claims that she is NOT a sewer- and doesn't like to sew.  Humph. This dichotomy always leaves me a bit bewildered.

When she discovered a foxy flannel fat quarter and began "nicely" begging with clear intentions for what she would make out of it, I couldn't help but get my "mama sewer" hopes up. She knows just how to hook me- and we went home with the sweet flannel below.
Her idea was to utilize the space around each fox and make mini stuffies- a whole family of them. And she did- immediately.
She even taught her friend how to make some later on that day during sleepover. It was a fox frenzy!
One fat quarter of this, makes a lot! And keeps little hands stitching happily for hours with some very immediate results.
The girls even made fox storage pouches and  accessories... sleeping bags, pillows, bowls, messenger bag and a chicken drumstick! And then carefully arranged them for a photo shoot. Thanks girls!
Wouldn't these make perfect little gifts?  Great stocking stuffers or fun presents kids can make on their own are always welcome additions to the holidays... glad my girl got inspired!

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  1. It would be cute to stuff them with rice for hand warmers!

  2. :-) <3 So heartwarming when the crafts you love echo down the generations. I am visiting my 7-year-old granddaughter, and tonight we Googled "Thanksgiving felt crafts" to get some ideas for napkin ring decorations. She has already learned how to do a Google search at school - I admit to being amazed! We found some she liked and will get to work tomorrow morning after an autumn walk! Life is good!

  3. Oh no… These are too cute! This is something my daughter would do too :)