Friday, August 8, 2014

mini tote/hat diy

I cut off the legs of a pair of yoga pants to make shorts. The cotton jersey with a touch of spandex was the perfect stretchy fabric for making some quick tiny totes for my sewing campers last week. I wanted them to see just how fast and easy some projects are. This was impressive... one quick seam and a tiny snip for a handle and little purse was born. They were delighted... and responded as if I had a magic wand. And then they impressed me... by putting them on their heads! They make fabulous hats! One direction is a great bat (or even cat) hat- the other is a bit elf-like! Keepin' this in mind for Halloween...
 If you have an old pair of yoga pants lying around, you've got the making of a bunch of totes and/or hats! These are so great to stash a couple small items... lip balm and a change purse fit perfectly for my girl. An adult or teen could easily slip in a phone and keys, too. 


  1. Cut off the legs of a pair of stretchy pants.
  2. Cut them into sections of at least 8". You'll have a bunch of tubes. 
  3. Turn one inside out and sew a seam along the bottom edge.
  4. Turn it right side out and fold over the opening to one side. Cut out a tiny half moon at the center of the fold line. That's the handle. Jersey doesn't fray so raw edges are fine!
  5. Make some more and give them to friends. 
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Doing this for sewing club next year! Super fun idea!

  2. I just saw that the HORSE has a mini hat in the second photo. Hysterical!! No horse should be without stylish accessories.

  3. So cool! As always! Just read your article in MABEL magazine. Ordered it because of your work in it.
    You rock!