Monday, June 23, 2014

rescued container garden

My mom has arrived for the summer, and we're reveling in the magic she brings to our days. "Grandma's barn" has come to life once again with good food, fun projects, constant art and old fashioned play… all of our favorites. 

When she realized that there was still time to plant vegetables, my resourceful mama rounded up repurposed planters to create a container garden on the deck... hoping to evade the deer that forage in the woods out back.   An oversized antique funnel (great drainage!)  in an umbrella stand houses basil… 
  A vintage washtub holds a tomato, a cucumber and a zucchini plant…
 Out in the original barn trough chives and mint (that the deer disdain) come back every year... now they're joined by jalapeƱo peppers.
 This old mailbox turned on its side is the perfect deep spot for potatoes!
 Chicken feeders, that flank each deck post, now grow herbs and nasturtiums.
No need to go to a nursery and buy expensive planters... there are lots of possibilities at flea markets and tag sales if you're willing to rescue and reuse.
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  1. Wow, I love your Mum's upcycling ideas for a special vegetable garden - so nice!
    And BTW thanks to you for sharing your talent and your ideas with everyone around.
    Visiting from Domisgarten in Germany and sending best regards,

  2. Thanks Doris! I love sharing my mom's ideas, especially!

  3. This is so awesome Maya! Your family has a way with re-purposing.
    Happy summer to you all!

  4. You live in an amazing world. Period. :)