Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It's never easy to adjust to the crazy end of the year schedule that awaits me when I return home from Squam each June. This year, feels smoother. Although I just spent many days perched above a stunning lake and nestled in woods, there is often little down time for me. Very much like being home. Surrounded by beauty, but often rushing about. I made a practice of waking up early and going to the dock every morning. I returned in the evening. These moments of quiet and stillness bookended my days and created a sense of peace that I am planning on replicating now that I'm home.  
I've certainly been known to slip outside at the crack of dawn or take a beautiful sunset shot, but I've never made it a conscious act. I'd like to make this an intentional practice, at least while the weather beckons me out in bare feet.

 Stay tuned for posts this week about the workshops I taught and the amazing folks who graced my days...

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  1. Hi Maya! The sparkly lake and feet photo is amazing. Wishing you a peaceful week.