Friday, June 13, 2014

printing and stitching at squam day 2 & 3

When I created the Printed Pouch workshop, I hoped to create a class that would invite hand-sewing out on the docks or on back porches of cabins. The pristine setting of this retreat beckons you outside. Over the years most of my classes have focused on machine sewing. The sound of 15 engines is exciting... but I wanted to offer a slower, quieter opportunity for folks. 
 Weather was our friend for the last two days, and I got my wish! Sure, we spent a bit of time in our beautiful classroom with windows looking out onto the lake... carving and printing.
But there was lots of stitching lakeside!
 And more gorgeous pouches were created! Here are just some of them!
Look at these lovely women! Their printing and stitching were pretty spectacular too!

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  1. I can feel and see the joy of everyone there. What a great memory for them - good job teacher.

  2. I loved seeing all those beautiful women and their creations. Looks like it was great fun. I have to know, were there any luna moths? I remember one post long ago where you photographed luna moths all over one of the cabins.

    1. Good memory! They are always spotted. Each year. That was a special time though, as there were soooo many. I did not see a single one this year... but I enjoy each siting that someone shares with me. Just lovely knowing that they're being witnessed and celebrated. Such beautiful creatures.

  3. So glad I just now read this post. I've had my head down, moving and transitioning, and couldn't conjure up the feeling of Squam, especially when now when I could really use it! Thanks for bringing me back dear lady. Lots of love.