Monday, June 30, 2014

june into july

June was filled with my children's very full event schedule... busy and wonderful! But even before the calendar page is turned, I feel the sweetness that comes with my favorite month of the year. July is all about slow and easy. This particular summer still holds a lot of plans... but the molasses moments (you know the ones!) are already seeping in. We're drawing in the quiet stillness of evening light, we're eating food picked with our own hands (or Grandma's as it may be!), we're not jumping to get up... but letting ourselves sit. Really sit. Telling stories. Laughing. Until we cry. Eating outside. For every meal.  We're wearing big sunglasses. And walking around with wet "just went swimming" hair. We're watching things grow. And bloom.
Farewell June. Hello dog days...

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