Wednesday, May 28, 2014

open doors

 There are no doors on my studio. It's adjacent to my son's desk and the kitchen... a hop, skip and jump from my daughter doing her homework or making art. Sometimes I've wished for doors, but really having an "open studio" as a mom is ideal. It keeps me accessible and in the midst of the action, but with some room to breathe and surfaces to claim as my own! I'm continually thinking about how we create spaces for all of the shared and individual needs a family has.  I'm grateful for this flowing floor plan that invites my children to hang out together... and with me, instead of retreating behind doors. I hear that's what many big kids/teens do... hide in their rooms. Creating a welcoming environment is a key to keeping your kids close. Maybe taking some doors off hinges is a good idea too!
 As you can imagine, I don't have very much time to myself these days... but when I do, it's my mission to hunt down the sometimes elusive maya*made...
Instagram still seems to be where "she's" hanging out most these days. Hop on over
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  1. What a beautiful room! My craft area is a secretary desk in the dining room, so there's definitely no hiding behind a closed door for me - which is a good thing, as my kids start to plot mischief when left to their own devices for too long...