Monday, May 12, 2014

my blossoms

Having the pleasure of watching our children unfold and blossom into who they are meant to be is one of the greatest gifts of mothering. When you see them on a daily basis, new petals unfurl almost invisibly... but at those mile markers, like Mother's Day, it's easier to take stock. Yesterday my children each gave me a little reminder of exactly how far they've grown this year.

 My youngest, so used to having her big brother to assist her for everything, has never ventured out to the gardens by herself at daybreak. Now she has. And a beautiful bouquet was proudly delivered to me in bed while her brother made breakfast. Later on, my son surprised me as well. I had told him that I would need help moving the picnic table out to its summer spot. The next thing I knew... he was carrying a very large and very heavy table by himself. He set it all up... including the umbrella. He's definitely grown stronger, but also so much more sensitive and mature. These may seem like small things, but they are my favorite kinds of of gifts... the kinds I always remember. Especially when I get to have my coffee in this spot every morning now!
Have a great start to your week!
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  1. so beautiful... the noticing, the appreciating, the loving! glad you enjoyed your day!!

  2. You are so right, it is the small things they do that makes one smile and be greatful of having the port unity to witness their growth. It's amazing being a mama isn't it? Glad you had a nice one.

  3. lovely post & so true ...
    such a peaceful coffee drinking spot ♥

  4. Beautiful post! And that outside setting looks so inviting. What a wonderful lawn you have!

  5. Love this post. :D