Friday, April 25, 2014

SOULution and a tour

This morning I stopped for coffee after dropping off my daughter at school and ended up having a spontaneous 15 minute date with two friends that were already there. Mothers are powerfully efficient (out of pure necessity) when it comes to going deep with our girlfriends. Not that we don't all love a good long chat... but rarely does the window open up simultaneously for busy women. So in 15 minutes... we dive in and go for the pearls! I'm sure you know what I mean.

The subject was "soul revolutions"... we don't waste time in the shallows. And a new word slipped off my tongue and stuck: SOULution. The answer to an emotional or spiritual challenge is quite definitely a SOULution, don't you think? We all agreed it was a keeper.

I'm not surprised that I coined it *right now*.  I'm busy "backstage" on a wonderful, big project that has some healthy soul searching built into it. Answers to big questions are starting to surface and a sense of peace is lingering more frequently. SOULutions are coming. I've also been reorganizing and decluttering my studio. AGAIN. Furniture has been added, subtracted and moved to take advantage of light. The way I've arranged my work stations and what inspiration is displayed on the walls has evolved in the last few years. And right now it's the best it's ever been! By far! So since I can't show you what I'm making/writing... how about if I share where it's all happening?
It still needs trim to be put up and has drafty old (but so beautiful) floor boards, but this room of my own has been life changing. It's a clear window into my inner world and creative process. And when it's not overflowing, but functioning smoothly, it is my sanctuary. Brimming with possibilities and grounded in SOULutions.
Have a creative weekend friends- so glad you stopped by for a visit!

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  1. Very nice, I like it, it's nice to have your creative corner.

  2. Thank you for the tour, my friend, your newly re-arranged space is very inspiring !

  3. Thank you for sharing! I so agree: the state our studio is in reflects a bit of our inner state, doesn't it? Maybe not in a direct translation, but for sure in process.
    Happy Hours for Soulutions, dear Maya!

  4. Long time reader here, first time commenter! Your space looks great! And I'm so excited to see that it looks like you have an Ikea Hemnes Secretary - the exact secretary/hutch I was planning to buy this week! May I ask how sturdy it is? Would you recommend it? I'm concerned that it won't hold up over years of abuse during crafting....

    Also - since it's my first time commenting - I want to thank you for this blog. Your blog, along with a few others, is my peaceful little respite while I sip my coffee in the morning... a pleasant way to start my day! Thank you, Maya!!

  5. So wonderful. Love the floors and the light. Very inspiring!

  6. Me encanta la idea "soulution". Es perfecta. Creo que la voy a poner en mi corcho de ideas al lado de otra que dibujé hace ya un tiempo, donde una e y una a se dejan sitio la una a la otra para formar a un tiempo las palabras "creer" y "crear", mis dos pilares. Creer en la vida, en mí misma, en que hay una puerta abierta en algú lugar. Creer con toda el alma. Y crear, crear, nunca para de crear, porque muchas veces creando es donde encontramos la soulución.
    Gracias por regalarnos tantos momentos de gracia como este.