Wednesday, April 30, 2014

lavender + linen= calm

 Oh lavender! I love how your scent soothes and brings calm to any storm. I've been keeping one of my lavender sachets close by for the last 9 days as I shouldered the stress of a broken down computer. There are far worse things in the world to lose, but mine is an extension of all that I do here and beyond. I had knocked over a glass of water and a quick river rushed towards my Macbook Pro. Snatching it up instantly and wiping it down, did not prevent it from becoming inoperable. I'm telling you this, in case I might prevent at least one other person from this very expensive mishap. Needless to say, there will be no beverages anywhere near my computer EVER again. As of last night, I'm back in action, thanks to the help of my amazing boy, who is becoming quite the computer technician. He's built three (might even be four) PCs  and now has successfully transferred my original hard drive to a new Mac... all in the last month. Instagram covered it last night. Proud mama here!

Back to sachets....
 On Monday I thought I might make big poppy pillows, but the power of lavender was fresh on my mind. Sachets have come first. They're printed on recycled fabric- linen with a red ticking backing. My mom brought back the woven cotton loops from India..
 I made some feather ones too....
 My favorite scraps of striped blue linen were used to back these.
Each one is filled with soothing 100% organic lavender. Slip one under your pillow for sweet dreams...  and carry it throughout the day in your pocket or purse. They've successfully eased many challenging moments for both mamas and children. And since Mother's Day is coming, I'm putting a few in my shop:
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  1. Love those tech savvy sons! My youngest does all my husband's timecard transactions for his business.
    Always feel soothed when I rub my lavender or rosemary bushes.
    aloha to you!

  2. I love the smell of lavender, these pillows look so beautiful and I bet they smell divine!