Friday, March 21, 2014

sewing fever

Spring officially began yesterday afternoon... and with it came some snow. I know, don't even. 

But today... the first full day of this highly anticipated season... it's filled with sunshine. Perfect time for me to do a photo shoot at my mom's barn. I had thought that maybe I'd update my shop with a couple of buckets, but guess what happened? I got spring sewing fever! What's that? It's when you can't stop... you just want to keep on stitching because it feels so good to feel the smooth linen sailing between your fingers and watching the patterns you print dance under the needle. So I went with it and am super delighted with what came of it all.

 I finally made myself stop sewing so that I can load the virtual shelves. If you follow me on instagram (in the sidebar to the right) and FB you've seen some fine sneak peeks. There will be more this weekend. Come Monday morning... bright and early...the shop will be full! And let me tell you, each and every item was made with joy and lots of care. Happy Friday to you!

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  1. i love this:) have a fabulous creating weekend. looking forward to monday:)

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  3. Wonderful! I adore stamp making. I need to make more stamps and print with them.