Wednesday, March 12, 2014

feather family WIPs

There's yet another blizzard raging outside. Kids came home early. Tea is being sipped. Soup is on the stove. Spring has eluded us, yet again. But I'm not giving up hope... I just keep making feathers. They make me feel light and happy no matter how buried in snow we are. 
I carved three new ones to go with my original two on the right. My daughter thought they looked like a feather family all lined up. She's right. The jaunty second (from the left) is my favorite. Seems to be dancing...
There are zippered pouches on my mind... along with dreams of a long overdue shop update. So, I took the first step with indigo colored ink on oatmeal linen. I'll add some vintage ticking and recycled zippers from SCRAP in SF.
I'm also continuing to dabble in more colors in lieu of only neutrals. Here's a little peek...

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  1. The dancing one is my favourite too. And the patterned one in the middle looks great too, especially in red. But all of them together looks even better than just one.

  2. These are so beautiful! The prints came out so clear it's really lovely!

  3. Especially love that green! (waiting for spring here also!)