Wednesday, February 26, 2014

type rider II

Two poets will ride 1,400 miles on a tandem bicycle through America's heartland, writing free poems & building Little Free Libraries.

 Maya Stein and Amy Tingle are some of the most inspiring women I know. This summer they'll embark on an epic adventure. It was conceived out of their infinite generosity, powered by their passion to spread the love of words, and will be fueled by their own daily pedaling. This is the kind of story that begs to be celebrated and shared.

Here is how they describe their journey:
{Our Plan} Type Rider II builds on the experience of the first trip (learn about it here) in several ways. First, we will be partnering with Little Free Library ( 

According to the organization, there are currently 11,000 towns in the U.S. that do not have public libraries. We want to change this statistic! 
During our bicycle tour, we will be helping to build new libraries in the communities we visit, as well as visiting some of the existing network of libraries. 
Secondly, we will be engaging local and national poets to hold poetry readings and participate in other events at our stops and donate books to these small community libraries. 
And finally, we will be creating personalized poetry on our typewriters for the people we meet, a keepsake of our trip and - we hope - an inspiration for others to tap into their own creativity. 
The Type Rider II KICKSTARTER campaign is in the homestretch. The funds will sustain them on the road and supply materials for the libraries that they'll build along the way. Contributing to and supporting something so good feels amazing.... yes, it does! And KICKSTARTER makes it easy. There are just 6 more days to donate and every little bit counts. 
So, here I am as a cheerleader:

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