Tuesday, February 4, 2014

creative courageous year

This morning I want to introduce you to Stephanie Levy. She is an American artist residing in Germany  who has gift for inspiring others through her work and series of artist interviews and now with her e-course: Creative Courageous Year. In her words:
 "Would you like to experience more beauty and creativity in 2014?
Imagine a year of your life spent making art, exploring nature, preparing delicious fresh foods, reading inspiring books, creating mixed media seasonal journals, connecting with supportive, international friends, and feeling more energized, motivated, and creative than ever before. Doesn't that sound wonderful?
My new Creative Courageous Year e-course will give you energy + inspiration to create all year long. " 

There's plenty of time to sign up still for this season or look forward to the spring. Do check it out. She asked me to be a guest for the winter session and recently interviewed me. So, of course, I asked if could share an excerpt from our Q & A with you:

Q: Work/life balance and time management is a big struggle for me personally. I love that you chose "magic" and "balance" as your two words for 2014 :) How do you balance your family life with your creative and professional work?
A: Well, I struggle too. Especially, as I moved through an unexpected and difficult divorce. I often wondered if my creative energy had left me, like my husband. We aren't rational when we are in pain, are we? During so much of the recovery, there was no balance whatsoever. Only my children.
Now that I'm returning to a happy and well grounded state, I am reinventing what work/life balance means as a single parent. I really have had to learn that part of balance is acceptance, whether you are going solo or have a partner… the same idea applies. I believe there must be acceptance that there is only one of me, there are only 24 hours in each day, and this day… it only happens once.

Q: Do you have any favorite books, magazines, websites, or other inspirational resources that you'd like to recommend for us? 
A: My work window has shortened in the last couple of years, which has abbreviated my ability to surf . In its place is instagram. It's efficient delivery of inspiration and intimate connection to a creative community is available at my fingertips, and I love it! You can join me there… it's quite a  wonderful visual conversation: http://web.stagram.com/n/mayamade
Q: If you could give one piece of advice to someone who would like to follow her personal creative dreams but is feeling scared, what would it be?
A: Dive in. Don't wait for perfection to arrive… whether that be in timing or skills… just jump in. It's much easier to learn to swim when you're in the water, than when you're sitting on the shore.
 I love what a written interview does for my thought process. It organizes my mind and refreshes my perspective. So I thought I'd ask you a few questions too. Whether you choose to answer them in the comment section or in a journal is up to you... but do take a moment to write or type it down. It's the practice of finding the right words to describe our thoughts that offers a dose of clarity. 

  1. What is your most creative time of day, and do you foster space for yourself during it?
  2. If Tuesday began right now, what word would you like to guide you... set it as an intention for today, no matter what time it is that you are reading this.
  3. If you could go back in time 10 years and speak to your younger self, what would you say?

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  1. Dear Maya,

    those are some very good questions... thanks for asking ;-)

    1. It used to be nighttime, but the increase of weekly working hours usually leaves me drained in the evening, so that after work, after the chores, after (if ever) a little bit of excercising I'm usually only able to read a few pages (which is fine, too, but the creative bug comes to me only when I'm in a calm and relaxed state...).

    2. Oh dear. My day is so predictable - and then again, not - that it's usually "Keep calm and carry on".
    I*d rather want the word to be "Yes!".

    3. Just do it. Don't think about why you want to do something, or if other people might be disturbed, or if you are able do it after all: just go for it and try. Don't be afraid. If it makes you feel good, do it. Don't let others interfere to an extent that you just never ever try.
    (Maybe I should still say this to myself every day!)


  2. Thank you so much Maya - you always inspire me with all you do, make, write, and share! Big hugs from Berlin, xoxo