Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Who says we can only begin our fresh starts and plan new goals on the first of the year? I almost didn't *unravel* this time around because I felt I had missed my opportunity.  Pishaw! I was setting up a brand new workspace this week and stumbled upon last year's Unravelling workbook from Susannah. Reading through it was totally sagacious and insightful. In many ways I have grown in so many ways since this time last year... and yet how consistently ME  I still was- and am. The medicine of writing down our hopes and intentions for the new year is invaluable for actualizing our lives. It's exciting to look back and see what we made truly happen. For me, even more powerful is the practice of letting go of the previous years aspirations to make room for new ones... of releasing the desires no longer holding us... and saying goodbye to what is not to be. Rereading my words for 2013 was profound.

So I printed out 2014 and will set aside some time this week to complete it. If only to look back next year and see how far I've come... and recognize that the road ahead might have seemed to twist and turn as I was on it... but truly it was a straight line to the present.

I highly recommend you trying the same. Takes about an hour. Something we all deserve. There are endless opportunities for growth in the present and then upon reflection later on. And it's free.  Now that's some good gifting of self-care, don't you think? Thank you Susannah! Download it here. Pin It


  1. I did my 2014 New Year's day. It was very interesting as it did not roll out as smoothly as the year before and I think that in and of itself was very insightful for me. It's even partly unfinished which has kept it on the edges of my mind to keep working on even if just in my dreams. Much love to you in 2014 Maya. See you in June! Rosemary

  2. I printed out the 2013 unraveling journal, but never put pen to paper. This year I am all over it. Love that Susannah!!