Thursday, January 30, 2014

making me smile

I won't let the February blahs hit even though this January has been so long and cold. I'm prepared... with a pot of tulips. They are powerful bliss chasers! I've also made a little list of a few random things that are making me smile, think, and/or dream.

Here you go... maybe you'll find something to chase your winter blues away... and if not- may I recommend a pot of tulips!

1. Food 52- it makes me hungry and inspired every time I visit.
2. Jonatha Brooke's musical play, My Mother has 4 Noses. is coming to 42nd st. in NYC. Got my ticket! Go get yours!
3. I just discovered Twice. My closet is curious.
4. Esther Perel in the NY Times. I've watched her TEDtalk on the secret to desire in a long term relationship, and now am fascinated by what she has to say on her newest research- infidelity.
5. Because I'm missing the beach right now, I found this extra captivating.
6. Soulodge begins its winter season soon. It's a wonderful gift to give yourself.
7. Citrus is like a burst of sunshine... and I'm in love with my stem . So is everyone that tries it. Quirky has lots going on for the adventurous inventor.
8. I would love to hear the winter thaw in a house like this one here.

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  1. It has been an intense January! But you are right, tulips always bring a smile! They are so sweet... Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. Bring on February I say... those tulips are lovely :)

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