Thursday, January 23, 2014

magic moons and stars

Simple sugar cookies. Frozen leftover dough from Christmas. Stars and moons. Semi- spontaneous. Grandma's love. 

That last bit... that's why I'm blogging this.  My mother made extra cookie dough around the holidays. We froze it and saved it for a rainy day... or more accurately- a snow day! Yesterday, was the perfect time to pre-heat the oven. We felt my mom with us as the scent of baking stars and moons filled the kitchen. They were eaten with reverence and nostalgia and a little invocation of grandmotherly love. I think it will be a new tradition, and I thought that all of you out there with families flung far and wide might appreciate it too. Bake (or make) a little something extra during family visits to be frozen for a future day. What a sweet and ceremonious way to eat a batch of cookies!
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  1. What a lovely idea/tradition!

  2. i did the same thing last week on our "cold day" (cold is the new snow, you know)! And yes, this is the second year for this new tradition and i think we maybe enjoyed it more than making them at christmastime. thanks for the post! love your image, btw!

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  4. Lovely patters. Though I wish you posted some after bake pictures. Must be really delicious. This reminds me of the holidays. Thanks for sharing