Monday, January 6, 2014

happy stuff

 Today my children returned to school. I had the house to myself for the first time in a long while... and I savored three of my favorite holiday gifts all morning long.
1. A delicious cup of coffee with beans hand picked by my sister on her farm in Kona (Hawaii). YUM!
2. My new West Elm ironing board cover... only someone who sews as much as I do could love an ironing accessory so passionately! Thanks Mom!
3. Blasting music on my new wireless speaker from someone who knows just how much I love to pump up the volume and dance like no ones watching. Today it was Salsa non-stop. Yes, Tito is on repeat... Shhhh- let's keep this between us, shall we?

Total. Bliss.

It was my own private celebration for my sweet friend, Michelle, who became a mama over the weekend. I know she would have approved of the dance party I threw in her little one's honor. Stitching up something soft for this babe was called for. Michelle and I had a sewing breakthrough at Squam in 2011 when she made this gorgeous scarf (against all odds)... and I knew I'd be sewing for her  girl.

I had set aside the last of my Forest Friends from Cloud 9 bunny flannel and some thick organic cream flannel that had been used for blankets for both of my babies. Today I finally had the time to make one of these and also printed a little luna moth onesie. Off in the mail it goes! Congratulations Mama Michelle!
Just as I finished typing this post I got a message from school... tomorrow is cancelled due to dangerous low temperatures.  My solitude was short lived. No matter... now I'll have some dance partners!
p.s. You must admit- this stripy cover is perfect!
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  1. Super ironing broad cover put I love the blanket.

  2. Maya, those are lovely new Mama gifts! I chose to pursue Squam, in part, because of your posts about it and the Luna moth a couple of years ago. Thanks for sharing what you do. It's meaningful!

  3. I admit it...the cover is lovely...might need to make one