Friday, December 13, 2013

handmade holidays

Carols are playing as I type. Snow is falling outside and every window looks like a postcard. We have a white blanket that might keep until Christmas! Grandma is packing her bags to join us, and all seems a bit sweeter and magical these days as I look around my peaceful and cozy home. It's happy here, in this little farmhouse. Easy to feel transported in time and place... to another century or even other country. And I love that.
Handmade holidays make sense in this space. Our wool garland, reinvented from a woman's skirt, finds the perfect frame in our hand-hewn beams. By leaving machine and store bought behind, the imperfections of a human touch blend so beautifully with nature's one of a kind gifts... and I think this works ANYWHERE!
So whether you are inspired to make your own or gather treasures outside... click her for some oldies but goodies to remember from years gone by: my handmade holiday round up!
handmade holiday round-up
Have a cozy and creative weekend, friends!

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