Thursday, November 21, 2013

trapunto snowflake pillows

Snowflakes are flying these days and that always gets me excited for winter crafting. My holidays  officially got underway with a sweet project for SewMama Sew. They offered me organic fabric in undyed neutrals in exchange for coming up with a way to highlight these gorgeous basics available at Organic Cotton Plus. Are you kidding me? What a perfect opportunity. Organic Cotton Plus has some delicious canvases and muslin that were calling out for fabric manipulation... or printing as I'm thinking of doing next.

These pillows were inspired by simple scandinavian designs and utilized a "new to me" technique called trapunto. It's the Italian word for "embroidery" and essentially is a quilting method of stuffing a motif. The three dimensionality is striking and subtle simultaneously. If you'd like the instructions, just hop over to Sew Mama Sew for my tutorial.

Now let it snow!

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  1. They are lovely and so comforting. Thank you.

  2. Oh Maya, they are beautiful and they seem to me quite easy to be done. I will definitely make one or two. You made my day :) !!! I have been reading you for a while now, have your book and I love it! Thanks for your lovely blogs (I read both)!
    Love from Hungary!