Friday, November 15, 2013


We're calling these loungers. Comfy, flannel pants that are most certainly pajamas, but have been slipped on for slow and easy hang-out time too. I've made bunches of pull-on pants in every size imaginable over the years, and follow the same pattern every time. Trace a favorite pair of pants and add some extra room for seam allowance...  in this case, I also widened the legs a bit. Because it's almost all straight stitching, it's an easy project for a young seamstress. To be honest, I ended up doing most of the work on these, because my little assistant is immersed in reading these days... but more have been requested so there will be some sewing opportunities in her near future.
And now I need to sort through my flannel stash for a big enough piece for my own loungers!
Have a cozy weekend!
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  1. These are great, you've inspired me to make some up for my boys!
    Also, have you closed the "Honoring Hope" site? It's asking for a password?

    1. Glad for your boys... everyone needs to be cozy! Honoring Hope is now by invitation only... During my next HH post I will announce this here, but you are welcome to not wait and send me an email mayaluna(at)yahoo(dot)com and I'll send you an invitation right away.