Monday, October 14, 2013

happily appley

Our weekend couldn't have been happier. From marathon bracelet making to sharing our seasonal traditions with good friends. There's nothing that sings more sweetly of fall than a gorgeous day at our favorite orchard (Indian Creek). Perched on a hill, with sweeping views across Cayuga lake, we plucked beauties from 100 year old trees.
The day began with cider donuts and ended with pumpkin picking... and of course in between there were APPLES! A big bushel for sauce, cakes, muffins and crisps.
We brought one of my son's best friends, and they were determined to get home to try making apple cider. Without a press! I tried to tell them it couldn't be done. What was I thinking? They couldn't wait to prove me wrong. One blender and several fine sieves later... we were drinking the finest local cider ever!

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  1. Oh Maya, I grew up in Auburn and my heart my heart hurts with home sickness. Thanks for the pics! jude