Friday, September 20, 2013

friday faves

 It's a gorgeous day in the Finger lakes- hot and clear... but fall's presence is here. The leaves have begun their transformation, and the geese have been spotted overhead. Autumn is always bittersweet, and I'm feeling the pull to slow down time and relish each moment more than ever. Not just to hold off the inevitable snow, but to breathe with the intention that THIS is it. Right now. I can't stop time... my children prove that to me each morning when I see the subtle changes of their daily growth. But I can delight in the good stuff and roll with tough ones, if I remember to slow down. To stay present. And to savor the now.

And here are five fun friday faves that we can savor together:

  1. Sail your ship through the September skies
  2. Happiness Habits- you know these, but reminders are always helpful.
  3. Take a seat or two.
  4. One pot meal days are on their way.
  5. It's been upgraded and "color-fied"- my favorite cozy tunic.

Happy weekend!

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1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Maya!

    Have a wonderful weekend, too!

    ... wonderful, what a meaningful word =)