Monday, August 5, 2013


 Hummingbirds traditionally symbolize joy, peace and lightness of being. There is much to admire in these tiny iridescent winged ones, besides their obvious beauty. Their ability to fly backwards and long distances also speaks of their agility and endurance when it comes to finding what feeds them. We have an abundance of bee balm outside a bank of windows in our sunroom. It returns each year with its fiesta of brilliant red plumes... beacons to endless hummingbirds.
They flock to its nectar all day long. No matter how many hundreds of visits we receive, each sighting feels like a little gift. A glimpse of bliss. A reminder to search out the sweetness in life and drink it in... and share the joy.
Have a lovely start to your week!
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  1. Your blog posts often feel like a virtual hug. Thank you Maya!

  2. good for you to capture those quick-as-lightening sweeties! i sit on my back steps and hear them whirrr by to my geranium blossoms and i always think...oh to record such beauty...and you have managed to do just that!

  3. How did you capture those hummingbirds...amazing!