Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sewing School 2

Welcome to the last stop Sewing School 2's blog tour! With all the child sewing I've been doing this summer, I've been so thrilled to have a new resource for inspiration and guidance. Just like Amie and Andria's first book, Sewing School, their latest work is a fantastic guide for helping children become independent sewers... but this time with machines! There are 20 projects that totally appeal to the younger set... believe me, I know. I've had two separate crews that all give it a huge thumbs up. The instructions are accessible and inviting and the emphasis is on creating, not perfection. I love this! There is time enough ahead of this young makers to stitch perfectly straight seams... I believe the focus in the beginning should be on safety and fun. I can't recommend this book more highly!! And I did... right on the back cover!
Yesterday we took a fabulous field trip to Sew Green for supplies, and today we will begin making these backpacks... well, after a couple girls finish their doll's sleeping bags. I have some busy girls!

The first day, one of my returning campers practiced the feather stitch by making a version of Sewing School 2's pocket wall. She made her own mini version... for her doll of course!
If you'd like to see other reviews of Sewing School 2, just hop backwards to the beginning of the blog tour. Here's the link to Sewing School's blog and the the tour is on the right side. Happy sewing!
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  1. thanks for featuring us, Maya! Can't wait to see how the backpacks come out. Lots of love from Memphis! xoxo Andria

  2. Thank you so much for your review and recommendation. I have been looking for a resource to teach my daughter and step daughters sewing. It looks like this is perfect.

  3. Yay Maya!!! Love seeing your creativity camp in action! Xoxo amie

  4. You all guys are having a good sewing time...

  5. Can I buy this book off of the internet? :) I loved the post, Thank you so much. Cheers!