Monday, July 29, 2013

natural instincts

On a scorching day, a few weeks ago, I took my earth*crafters (from Creativity Camp) down to the lake for some cool breezes and an opportunity to tap into their wild child. We brought flowers, branches and berries from my land. Hula hoops, a mirror, and some clay came too. 
First we made face paints at the shore. Mixing clay, pounding berries ...

Then I encouraged them to let their imaginations guide them as they adorned themselves as "EARTH CHILDREN". At first there was quiet focus...

But then they each took on the characteristics that their "costumes" inspired. Oh, these girls! What fun we had before running into the lake to wash it all off.
I'm so grateful to my wild child... earth girl... nature sprite... who was my muse for the entire week of of earth*craft.

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  1. As I've followed your pictures and posts I found myself wishing my daughter could join you in these crafty, earthy endeavors....then I realized how much *I* wanted to join you, too. Looks just dreamy ;)

  2. Looks like pure magical fun! Oh, is your muse a reflection of you!

  3. Love it. You're a good mom and teacher.

  4. have really enjoyed following your creativity camp posts.
    This day looks amazing.
    It made me think of "Natural Fashion - tribal decoration from africa' by Hans Silvester.
    Was it your inspiration. If not then I would recommend it highly its so beautiful.