Thursday, June 13, 2013

squam sling

I taught a brand new class last week- the Squam Sling based on a pattern in my book. When I wrote up the description months ago, I knew that it would be an ambitious undertaking for a one day workshop. But I love a challenge almost as much as I love printing and sewing!

 I had the honor of guiding a couple dozen lovely women through their own personal hurdles as they created the most unique (and gorgeous!) bags ever.
First they learned to carve rubber stamps and then printed their very own fabric. This process is always deeply satisfying for me, but I hadn't anticipated the joy I would experience guiding and witnessing others as they discovered how thrilling it is to make your own material.


And then we sewed. And sewed. And sewed. The bags that were birthed were stunning. Each was totally different and such a complete representation of the woman that created it.

 My Thursday class made their bags all in single day, and it was a race to the finish line- but almost everyone completed one. I managed a portrait of them, but not of their bags- I so hope that they'll send me photos. Please!

The second class was broken up into two days... and the fresh energy that they brought after a good night of sleep definitely added to our productivity- Thus the many photos taken...

What a great time we had!!
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  1. There are most definitely some artists in the group and it's wonderful how unique each bag turned out. It was a really fun class and you are such a warm and encouraging teacher. It was a great experience all the way around!

  2. I WAS such a wonderful class, and sharing it with all those creative women and such an inspiring, warm, compassionate teacher will make it an experience I will never forget. Thank you Maya! xo

  3. lovely to see everyone, looks like you had a lot of fun too! Heather x

  4. Those bags are wonderful and love that you get them to print their own fabric first... I would love a class like that. Some of their designs were beautiful, I am a little envious x

  5. I'm so happy I bumped into this post. What a fun class! I really want to learn how to carve a stamp...the effect is so lovely.

  6. What a wonderful class this must have been! Inspiring and beautiful work. I have just gotten my first supplies to create stamps, so this post just added fuel to the fire to get started!

  7. Such loveliness! I particularly like the keys print idea. Squam is a definitely a dream trip for one day. In the mean time I want to try out making stamps for definite!