Monday, June 17, 2013

blossoms and stitches

There are certain holidays that leave me with an unsettled feeling these days. It's only natural, but I'd rather find a way to shift the energy. Fresh flowers and new pillow cushions were just what the doctor  inner wise woman ordered for a quiet Father's Day on my own.

Gleena's lovely vase was filled with catmint, scabiosas, lupines, and a favorite little green flower that's name eludes me. I've mentioned it before, but I have to again- I love perennials! Such sweet blossoms returning each year like old friends.

I covered some tired old cushions in muted blues and greens.  By using a simple envelope construction, I had five new covers in no time! The base cushions called for boxed edges. When I ran out of green, I added the last strip I had of blue. Basically, I checked my perfectionist at the door, made up sizing as I went and thoroughly enjoyed myself at a task I've done a million times. And hey- they weren't so shabby when I set them on my newly painted wicker couch on my deck.

And this is where I sat yesterday... enjoying ice tea and some quiet time for me. Self-care at its finest.
"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming."- Pablo Neruda

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  1. Beautiful and PEACEFUL!! Thank you for grounding me today! I have a father and daughter war this year. She is 31 and he is too old to be acting this way... Sorry! I love your wonderful space that you created over this wicked hard weekend for a bunch of us Mothers and Daughters! 8*)

  2. You created such a peaceful and comforting space. It's amazing what some fresh fabrics can do! I am thankful that I had a lovely day with my Dad yesterday.

  3. Is it Lady's Mantle? Alchemilla? I can't quite tell from the picture but that's my guess. Your deck looks lovely.-JWS