Monday, May 13, 2013


image courtesy of SF Girl By Bay

Happy Monday! It's always so lovely to start the week with a bit of happiness... my first email of the day was a cheerful note from my friends and creative bug.  Two of my favorite hometown sites had just joined forces for a Monday blog post. SF Girl By Bay  is currently featuring not only creative bug, but also my newest workshop: the upcycled pouch. Seeing how my little yellow pouch was used for a contrast pop of color was inspiring, as well as exciting. All of the photos are just stunning. Do check them out, as I'm sure you'll want to make one of everything she highlights today.

SF Girl By Bay is also offering a discount to creative bug's subscription rate to all of her readers right now. It's a perfect time to join and learn how to make something new!  Hop on over- right here! Pin It

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