Friday, May 17, 2013

en plein air

 There is very little I enjoy more than working outside on a gorgeous day.  This morning, while the birds sang and the lilacs cast their sweet fragrance across the yard, I set up my favorite cutting studio.
 Deconstructing coffee sacks at my picnic table is simply the best way to begin a burlap project. The stray fibers blow away, and the the jute strands get scooped up by the many feathered friends currently building nests. Team it with a cup of coffee and breakfast from my hens, I couldn't be more content. It's funny- cutting fabric inside feels so much more laborious... put me in the yard, and it's my own personal party!

Later today, there will be gardening and a return to the never-ending fence painting. Work or play? It all feels the same to me when my ceiling is the blue sky.
May your work and play be woven together seamlessly this weekend!

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  1. Such a good idea! Can't wait to see what you're making.

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  3. I'm doing exactly the same thing: I work with burlap "en plein air" with a cup of coffee and ... Reinvention.

  4. We ended our 3 day weekend of gardening & yard work by working in the rain. Felt so good to be digging in the dirt & getting a little help from mother nature with watering our transplants. Many of our projects are outside these days & it changes the feeling from chore to fun! Now to sip on my much deserved cup of tea to warm up!

  5. What a lovely spot to do some crafting. I really want to take my basket weaving outside this summer. Waiting for the sun to shine for more than a moment. Breathing fresh air!