Tuesday, October 9, 2012

new eyes

Change happens and seasons turn... there's no stopping it. Try telling a flock of geese to turn back!
 So, we prepare... 
We celebrate the gifts it offers with returning favorites: water color leaves and yarn dolls.
 We pause and take small sips.

And never forget to be grateful for how alive change can make us feel.
 I'm appreciating this fall in the same way one might who has newly fallen in love... as if seeing everything through new eyes. In many ways, I am diving into a new relationship... with myself, my children and this beautiful world that keeps showing me each day how mysterious and often quite amazing it truly is.

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  1. Hi Maya!!
    I love reading your posts!! Good luck with your "new relationship"!! It's good hearing that you're so caring about OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD! Ciao!

  2. oh maya. just beautiful.
    i have to admit, i cringed a bit when i was the wood pile. we had a wood burning stove when i was young.
    we had to split, stack, gather......brrrrrrr it got cold on those wood runs! chickens too. not my fave!
    but reading this, it allowed me to take a breathe and think about how we prepare here. just love this
    little window.


  3. Sometimes falling back in love with the obvious(ourselves, our family, nature, our hobbies)is what one needs to be happy!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Also started the woodstove this weekend - I love the simple beauty of it.

  5. Hello,Maya:
    how are you?? I don't know what happen with my blogs , so I changed it...
    Sorry for any inconvenience...

  6. You have a brilliant outlook and are constantly inspiring to read.
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful parts of your bravery and creativity with us.


  7. Woodstove burning meditation.its a way of life.